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Fluorescent Color Duct Tape (67272)

Fluorescent Color Duct Tape (67272)



11.8 mil, 70 mesh. High tensile film, high-quality polyethylene-coated cloth with a natural rubber with synthetic resin adhesive in fluorescent colors. It is superior performance duct tape specially designed for the high demand contractor applications.

Product has excellent shear values to surface and backing. It’s water resistant adhesive system allows this product to bond to almost any surface, including porous surfaces. Fantastic item for night amusement industry such as night club, karaoke and music hall or show window that is used under black light.

* Adhesion to steel: 39 oz/in. roll unwind.
* Tensile strength: 31 lbs/in.
* Elongation at break: 12%.
* Temperature range: -31ºF to 176 degrees F. 3” neutral core/carton.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

1.5"(36mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 1.5"(36mm)x 60Yd-32 Rolls Per Case, 1"(24mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 1"(24mm)x 60Yd-48 Rolls Per Case, 1/2"(12mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 1/2"(12mm)x 60Yd-96 Rolls Per Case, 12"(288mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 12"(288mm)x 60Yd-4 Rolls Per Case, 2.5"(60mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 2.5"(60mm)x 60Yd-20 Rolls Per Case, 2"(48mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 2"(48mm)x 60Yd-24 Rolls Per Case, 3"(72mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 3"(72mm)x 60Yd-16 Rolls Per Case, 3/4"(18mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 3/4"(18mm)x 60Yd-64 Rolls Per Case, 4"(96mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 4"(96mm)x 60Yd-12 Rolls Per Case, 6"(144mm)x 60Yd-1 Roll, 6"(144mm)x 60Yd-8 Rolls Per Case


Green, Orange, Yellow

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