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Colored Flatback Tape (27546)

Colored Flatback Tape (27546)



Flatback Tape (27546) – Double Coated Paper Tape


7.5 mil Moisture resistant, medium tensile strength, pressure-sensitive flatback tape, used for packaging, bookbinding, marking bins and shelves, decorative edging and color coding. Tape is NOT PRINTABLE and not repulpable. Tensile: 54 lbs/in. Adhesion: 77 oz/in. Elongation: 4%. Temperature resistant operating range of 40°F to 180°F. 3” neutral paper core.

5 Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Green & Red.

Sizes: 60 Yds (55M) 180 Ft, 600 Yds (550M) 1800 Ft

Quanity: Subpack (6 rolls) or by the Case

Alternative to: IPG #546


* This Tape is NOT PRINTABLE and not repulpable.
* Also known as: Flatback Paper Tape, Double Coated Paper Tape, bookbinding tape, flatback tape, pressure sensitive.



* A “mil” is a unit of thickness equal to one thousandth of an inch. 
* To convert mil to inches take mil & divide by 1000. 
* Thus, a 2 mil bag would be .002 inches thick.
* Example: Ex: 2 mil/1000 =.002 inches


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1.5"(36mm)x 60Yd-24 Rolls Per Case, 1.5"(36mm)x 60Yd-32 Rolls Per Case, 1"(24mm)x 60Yd-36 Rolls Per Case, 1"(24mm)x 60Yd-48 Rolls Per Case, 1"(24mm)x 60Yd-6 Rolls Per Case, 1/2"(12mm)x 60Yd-72 Rolls Per Case, 1/2"(12mm)x 60Yd-96 Rolls Per Case, 1/4"(6.0mm)x 60Yd-144 Rolls Per Case, 12"(288mm)x 60Yd-4 Rolls Per Case, 2"(48mm)x 600Yd-12 Rolls Per Case, 2"(48mm)x 600Yd-6 Rolls Per Case, 2"(48mm)x 60Yd-24 Rolls Per Case, 2"(48mm)x 60Yd-6 Rolls Per Case, 3"(72mm)x 60Yd-16 Rolls Per Case, 3/4"(18mm)x 60Yd-48 Rolls Per Case, 3/4"(18mm)x 60Yd-64 Rolls Per Case, 3/8"(9.0mm)x 60Yd-96 Rolls Per Case, 4"(96mm)x 60Yd-12 Rolls Per Case, 6"(144mm)x 60Yd-8 Rolls Per Case


Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow

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